Makeup and Hair

Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding instead of choosing your local hair salon?

Your wedding day is without a doubt one of the most important days of your life and will leave you with an album full of memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

If you are near Jackson Hole, Wyoming (or the Tampa/St Pete area of Florida, too) and are looking for the best makeup artist for your wedding or any other event or occasion – then look no further!

Tanya Crocker is one of the top makeup artists in the area. Working in Television and wedding events, She has the experience and skill to ensure you get the results you want. Whether you are a major TV personality or a bride to be, Tanya Crocker will ensure you look your best when the spotlight is on.

Tanya Crocker specializes in Hairstyling and Makeup for your everyday needs or for your big day whether it be your wedding or any other special event in which you must look your best.

As a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, Tanya will exceed your expectations and go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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